Hookit’s Response to New Instagram Data Policies

Apr 5, 2018

Don’t lose your value.

Of all the social media platforms last year, Instagram accounted for the majority of the value that properties drove for their sponsoring brands, cumulatively over $13B. As you have likely read about, due to recent privacy issues, Facebook and Instagram are changing the accessibility of public data to protect the privacy of their users. We believe in and support the responsible use of data while also ensuring that data is available to empower your sponsorship decisions. With these changes, only a fraction of that value can be measured going forward, so this is a really big deal for the sports community and how we can prove the value of sponsorships.

As of April 4th, those organizations creating value (aka rights holders - athletes, teams, leagues, & events) aren’t able to track and prove the full value they are driving for their sponsors UNLESS they have:

  • Established a public Facebook Page
  • Converted their Instagram account to a business account
  • -- AND --
  • Authenticated their Facebook & Instagram accounts with their spontech platform

Here’s a step-by-step guide to doing that.

For the full update, read our blog post that includes the full background and changes.

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